Who We



 Jamila Gaskins, MA
  Chief Operating Officer

Jamila K. Gaskins, she/her, is an equity-minded, justice oriented, trauma-informed, coach, consultant, speaker.

Her life’s work is devoted to freedom and living in a way that doesn’t violate the truth of who she is, or who you are, but honors and celebrates everyone's uniqueness.

As a coach, she holds space for and believes in a vision for women to live fully integrated, resilient lives. Together, Jamila and her client's clear the static and noise to hear and honor their unique, powerful voices, align with their guiding principles, and take action to claim and create a life of freedom, joy, agency, and connection.

As a consultant and speaker, she partners with organizations to co-create more inclusive, equitable workplaces. She utilizes a platform of storytelling, relationship building and interconnectedness to advance learning, and to celebrate and design better organizations.

She believes a world of equity, justice, care, and wellbeing is possible. We must imagine it and choose it, then be intentional in how we live and work in relationship with ourselves and others.

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Bernice Patterson, PhD
  Founder and CEO

Dr. Bernice Patterson is passionate about seeing the worlds of psychology and spirituality come together to speak to the real and relevant needs of the people and organizations that she serves.  Through her role as Founder and CEO of Infinity Consultation Group (ICG), Dr. Patterson has been able to craft and deliver thought provoking and life changing interactive workshops and seminars.  She is a highly sought-after speaker inside and outside of the church, where she is able to motivate her listeners to take a hard and honest look at themselves and ask the questions, “Who do I want to be in this world and am I doing the work to be that person?  If not, what is holding me back?”  Through her platform, she has been able to lead people into a deeper understanding of self, their mental and emotional health, and how to better co-exist within the worlds that they live and work in daily.


Dr. Patterson has been working in the field of psychology for the past 13 years.  She has developed, managed, and currently facilitates monthly cultural diversity trainings for an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship.  Dr. Patterson currently serves as the Cultural Diversity Liaison for the largest free-standing behavioral health organization in the nation, and implemented a five-part training series entitled Cultural Diversity and Its Impact on Behavioral Health Professionals and the Communities That They Serve for their outpatient clinic network and their Chaplin Training Program. 


ICG was birthed from Dr. Patterson’s deep desire to bridge the gap between the worlds of psychology and the church.  Growing up in the Black Baptist Church, she was accustomed to seeing people go to God for support and strength, but rarely, if ever heard of people seeking out counseling to cope with major life stressors or struggles. She struggled to understand or accept why people believed that they could not have Jesus and a therapist.  This disconnect, of spirituality and mental health, inspired her to pursue a career in psychology with a clear focus on making her training not just spiritually but culturally relevant.  She is a firm believer that people live and walk through life within a context.  In order for growth and change to happen people must first feel safe to be themselves but also have confidence that their personal context will be heard, held, and respected.  This focused consideration of personal context allows Dr. Patterson to do this life changing work with confidence, humor, and love. 


Dr. Patterson earned her Bachelors of Art in psychology from the University of Michigan, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Divinity from Wheaton College, a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University, and she is a licensed and ordained minster of the gospel.  Dr. Patterson has also written and published her original dissertation entitled; Hurting Leaders: The Lived Experiences of African-American Clergy and Their Views, Attitudes, and Barriers to Help Seeking.