Honing the Infinite Dimensions of You

Infinity Consultation Group, LLC

Infinity Consultation Group, LLC (ICG) is a privately owned and operated consultation firm.  ICG is dedicated to the mission of assisting businesses and individuals in enhancing the impact of their organizations and employees through the use of education, interactive workshops, and seminars.  This is achieved through a multifaceted process that honors the infinite dimensions of the organization and/or individuals whom we partner with for consultations.  Our three core focus training areas are Mental Health & Spirituality, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion, and Self-Care & Burnout Prevention.  We aim to create learning environments that foster both safety and deep introspection, while also providing the necessary framework and structure to stretch our clients to hone their infinite dimensions.

Our Services


ICG has been founded and operates from a strong spiritual background and faith. To assist our clients in working through one of our core training areas, Mental Health & Spirituality...


ICG is available for public speaking engagements on any of our core focus areas (Mental Health & Spirituality, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion, and Self-Care & Burnout Prevention)...

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Interactive Workshops

Although we live in the age of information, and most knowledge is a click away, there are some topics where reading up on them is just not sufficient, in reaching your goals.  Through our Interactive Training...