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Industries That We Serve

Academic Organizations

The academic landscape is constantly changing and evolving which requires constant vigilance on the part of educators and administrators to stay on the cutting edge of understanding and interacting with students with in their lived experiences and context. 


ICG is able to provide practical training and seminars to assist Academic Organizations in tackling and understanding topics such as:


  • Race, Culture, and Diversity

  • The Dangers of Burnout and How to Avoid It

  • Practical Self Care

...and a variety of other topics.


The world of business is vast in its make-up and even larger in the people it seeks to reach.  ICG is a great resource for businesses to be able to bring in a third party firm to identify and assess areas of needed growth within the organization, and develop a clear plan of how to obtain and sustain that growth.  Businesses are able to benefit from the expertise and clinical training of subject matter experts who are skilled in tackling difficult topics of discussion and facilitating change.

Government Entities

The mental and emotional requirement to serve the people and communities touched by local, state, and federal government agencies is massive.  ICG aims to partner with government entities and its employees to help them not just survive the mental and emotional stress that they deal with on a daily basis, but help them identify ways that they can thrive in the midst of their work.

Faith Based Organizations

Faith and spirituality are the cornerstones of how and why ICG is the consultation firm that it is today.  We are dedicated to partnering with Faith Based Organizations to help them walk in the fullness of what God has for the by providing the education, training, and workshops necessary for them to move into the greatness that they are destined to achieve.

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