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Although we live in the age of information, and most knowledge is a click away, there are some topics where reading up on them is just not sufficient in reaching your goals.  Through our Interactive Trainings, around our core focus areas of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion and Self-Care and Burnout Prevention, our clients are able to engage in tailor-made seminars and workshops that allow them to engage in the material, being covered, from not just an intellectual standpoint but from holistic vantage point.  We currently offer seminars and workshops in the following areas:


  • Self-Care & Burnout Prevention

    • Mental Health & Wellness

    • Navigating the World of Mental Health

    • Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

    • Combating Anxiety and Depression

    • Identifying, Facing, and Coping with Trauma

    • Dealing with Caregiver Fatigue

    • Built for Victory: Taking Control of Your Life

    • And many more


  • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

    • Implicit Biases

    • Talking About Race Cross Culturally

    • Identifying and Understanding Your Culture

    • Increasing and Maintaining Workplace Diversity

    • Microaggressions Inside and Outside of the Workplace

    • Racial Identity Development

    • Moving from Hearing to Understanding

    • Equity vs. Equality

    • Effective Leadership

    • Built for Victory

    • And many more

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