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What Previous Clients Think

Ebony Byrd 

Vice-President Lambda Lambda Sigma Chapter, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Dr. Patterson is an invigorating, motivating, and thought-provoking speaker. I have had the honor of hearing her speak on several occasions. Her ability to address relevant topics while equipping people to move towards positive change and complete healing is truly a gift. Her transparency and passion shines through her presentations and work.


Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. invited her to speak at our Annual Mothers’ Brunch. Of course, she did not fail. She took the opportunity to encourage women of all ages. As you looked around the room all women were engaged in her interactive presentation. Needless to say, everyone left with at least one nugget. She was so awesome we had to invite her back for a part 2. Even our undergraduates have invited her to impart some of her wisdom on the campus of Western Michigan University. She walks in a spirit of excellence, love, and boldness and is a transformational woman. 

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Dr. Patterson in monthly didactic sessions over the course of one year. These sessions were professionally and personally transformative for me. Dr. Patterson is able to communicate a great depth and breadth of historical, sociocultural, and psychological information related to how race and ethnicity are viewed in modern American culture. This is truly difficult to accomplish in a workplace setting. Truly communicating the information is quite different than simply providing the information. This is an advantage that Dr. Patterson brings to her seminars, an excellent ability to communicate complex information in a non-threatening way. Dr. Patterson’s teaching style provides opportunities for critical self-reflection and growth even for those acquainted with the subject matter.


The true value of Dr. Patterson’s teaching is in the way she approaches the subject matter. Good teachers act as guides and instructors. This guidance requires compassion and expertise. It can be difficult to engage in conversations about race without some hesitation. As a white male I have felt reluctant to participate in such conversations out of fear of saying the wrong thing or being perceived as prejudiced. Dr. Patterson provided an environment where I felt safe to explore complex issues related to race in society and my place in interacting with them. I felt challenged, accepted, and validated in my ideas and experiences.


Dr. Patterson never fails to neglect how our personal selves interact with our professional selves. I found her teaching to not only change the way I interacted in the workplace, but how I viewed my family and wider social circle. Furthermore, her teaching is imminently adaptable to a variety of settings and purposes as she deftly integrates her understanding of human psychology and learning into her teaching.

Taylor Hughes, MA

In September 2016 the Galilee’s kingdom Couples ministry hosted a weekend conference.  The theme was Marriage on the Cutting Edge.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Bernice Patterson.  A woman of faith who loves the Lord and His people.


Dr. Patterson came with wisdom, love, and joy.  Her presentation was clear and relevant for all the couples who attended.  She was able to touch the hearts of the young couples while providing encouragement to the seasoned couples.  She is a young married woman who shared her story and was able to encourage our marriage where it is today and move toward the future.

Margaret Smith

Kingdom Couple Ministry

Galilee Baptist Church

Dr. Patterson's training has transformed the culture of our doctoral psychology internship.  Diversity content and training can be tough and challenging, but Dr. Patterson's disarming nature, warm and genuine personality, and her sweeping knowledge of cultural concerns have made this a distinctive strength for our program - an area consistently rated by participants as one of the most enjoyable and personally formative.

Dr. Brant VanOrman

Pre-Doctoral Internship

Training Director

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